The Loaded Gun to Cuba and the TSA

For the last eight years, we have been subject to ever increasing scrutiny by airport security when traveling by air. From taking off our shoes to measuring out exact measures of shampoo, going from point A to point B by air has slowly turned into an exercise in greater and greater public humiliation at the hands of the TSA.

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Can Russia and Cuba Save Guantanamo?

Will it take the threat of Russian President Medvedev and Fidel Castro intervening at Guantanamo Bay to end the monstrosity of wrongful imprisonment?

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The Spread of Democracy

by Luis Vega

The United States of America has a very distinct plan for the way foreign affairs are handled. Even though the Middle East, terrorism and fighting it is the main forum for the United States much has to be said for Latin America/Caribbean and what is going to occur in the future. The future will rest upon a couple of men in Latin America and the policy of the United States in Latin America. A couple of leaders and situations that will no doubt have an impact on where the United States stands, and what will be done in order to create and/or maintain some type of power in the region.

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Capital Investment Means Vested Interest

by Luis Vega

The 1959 Cuban Revolution of Fidel Castro and his comrades sent waves of protest around the world especially in Latin America. People in those countries once again felt a sense of nationalism that they have never experienced before. It did not matter if you were Cuban or even a part of Latin America. Many people became aware of the instabilities that stagnated their countries from the levels of progress that they felt they could achieve. In addition to inspiration that Castro provided by his actions, his words were even deeper when he denounced capitalism and imperialism and promoted revolution to the point where he felt people should stand up for what they believe in and take arms if necessary.

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Hugo Chavez and the Cuban Revolution

by Luis Vega

President of Venezuela Hugo Chavez has modeled himself after past and present revolutionary leaders such as Simon Bolivar and Fidel Castro. His great admiration of the Cuban Revolution and friendly relationship with Fidel Castro has given America the perception that Chavez is the next Castro. The reason why this notion of Chavez being the next Castro is so prevalent is because Venezuela has the fifth largest oil deposit in the world and is the second largest supplier of oil to the United States. Buddy, buddy relations between the two men has concerned the “American Machine” because of the possible spread of communism, “Domino Theory.” Although this idea is preposterous, and the spread of communism is highly unlikely America can’t have another Fidel running around in Latin America especially because of the interest in petroleum in Venezuela and other natural resources the country boasts.

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Cuba Now

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

Though Dr. Fidel Castro has tried since day one to diversify all important activities and powers to areas outside of Havana, his main city is still La Habana, as it is well known in the Latin world. Nevertheless, he has gained plenty of success in the worked soils of the island since the island’s soils are rich in minerals and suitable for any kind of crop. Dr. F. Castro has worked upon less dependence in the famous Cuban sugar cane production as well as in the tobacco production. However, Cuba’s main entrance of money remains in the sugar cane production and tobacco.

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