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Two Tails Wagging

Yesterday, I bumped into a friend of mine in the neighborhood named Joey.  As part of our infrequent discussions, Joey always reminds me he was born in the Dominican Republic and one day plans to return.  As we caught up on who and what we know, Joey mentioned a common friend of ours from long ago who just had a second daughter.

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August Wilson Plays the Blues

When you think of August Wilson, you quickly recall images from his amazing canon of plays that made him the best and most successful Playwright in the modern American theatre. 

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Colored in Black and The Blues

The history of the African-American experience in America is one of a human rage colored in Black and The Blues. 

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A Misguided Deaf Video Dictionary

Boston University researchers grabbed a $900,000USD grant from the National Science Foundation to capture 3,000 American Sign Language gestures to create a “Deaf Dictionary” that will “interpret” signed video requests for information.  While the idea is good, we certainly feel nobody on the National Science Foundation grant committee is Deaf or has any idea why this sort of project is doomed to failure.

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Wall-E is a Deaf ASL Meme Movie

Wall-E is now out on Blu-ray DVD and it is a spectacular movie experience.  The story is timeless, universal, and humanistic in devotion and intention.  The Los Angeles Film Critics Association rightly named Wall-E Best Picture of 2008.

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The Cultural Value of Teak

If we find value in beauty, then our culture must be sensitive to the preservation of all beauty in any form.  A teak tree provides shade and longevity and wood from the tree will protect us if we accommodate its living.

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Obama Waffles Culture Wars

The only way to beat Barack Obama in the presidential election is to get personal and dirty and raise the matter of his skin color as a voting issue. Obama Waffles meets that gutter mandate of personal persecution for political gain — and you can see how Obama is no longer the cartoon monkey Curious George to conservative politicos — he’s now been re-drawn as the new cartoon relative of Black stereotype pancake queen: Aunt Jemima.

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