"Whatever" is the New F-You!

How did the word “whatever” become the new “F-You?”  Why is “Whatever” the poster boy for uniting public passive-aggressive behavior?

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Cussing Out Christian Bale

I am fascinated by the manufactured outrage over Christian “The Dark Knight” Bale’s caught-on-tape-on-set cursing tirade during the filming of “Terminator Salvation.”

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Culture Crumbles as Comic Books Curse

The end of the world is nigh when Batman and Robin comic books include curse words in order to shock and entertain a jaded and bored fanbase. 

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Learning How to Cuss

When I was seven or eight I learned my first cuss word. I grew up in a home where alcohol and smoking and “potty-mouthing” were not allowed until my mother married a second time and her new husband brought two sons into our home.

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