Writing a Million Words a Year

I usually write 3,500 words a day for publication, six days a week.  That daily effort averages out to a million words a year.  Those writing numbers are numbing and they don’t include the daily grind of writing emails or crafting shopping lists or the rare, luxuriant, instance of love letter making. 

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The Panopticonic Twitter Review

Twitter is the most Panopticonic method of self-regulating your own incarceration:  You’re basically talking to yourself out loud without any real context because you’re typing; but when a friend challenged me — nay, DARED ME — to try Twitter:  “How can you hate it if you never tried it?”  The gauntlet was thrown, the face was slapped, the dare:  Accepted!  You can see my Twitter homepage below:  http://twitter.com/BolesBlogs

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