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Curiosity Can Kill More than the Cat

This has been specifically written for cats and their owners, a lot of the information will apply to dogs and their owners as well.  If your cat is special to you, is a pedigree cat, or has unusual or special markings please, get it chipped. In Portugal this will cost between twenty-five and fifty euros and can be done by most vets.  These cats have a high risk of being stolen.

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Trusting My New Jersey Gut in New York City

I spent some time in New York City this weekend, and at some point between pushing past slow tourists and instinctively dodging comedy show promoters, I couldn’t help thinking about the oddness of city life and the East coast in general. Having grown up in New Jersey and spending plenty of time in New York, I usually follow the unspoken rule of, well, not speaking.

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The Smell of Hellfire in the Air

Our ability to smell is an important defensive sense.  We can smell if food is rotten.  We can smell if we have a natural gas leak.  We can “smell the scent of danger in the air.”  I try to take care of my nose and sinuses with a neti pot infusion every day, and I do think that therapy helps keep my sniffer alive and active and sensitive.

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Recovering Hypochondriac Parent

My name is Gordon Davidescu, and I am a slowly recovering hypochondriac parent. It has taken me nearly sixteen months to get to this point but I realized that I was making good progress this last weekend when I was in Starbucks. Chaim Yosef was having a grand old time, flirting with the baristas as he tends to do when we go there and just walking around.

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A Less Bitter Pill To Swallow, Naturally

I have always been wary of the medicine-as-candy notion — that medicine could taste like anything other than something unpleasant, something to avoid if possible seems alien to me. It may have something to do with the fact that when I was a child, my family was visiting with friends and they had Children’s Tylenol — only when I came across them, I thought they were candy because they looked like candy, were chewable like candy and were definitely sweet!

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Could too Much Vitamin D Be Bad?

It has been well documented that taking megadoses of Vitamin D may be a foolish, unhelpful act. We now are coming to understand that without the addition of calcium, all the extra vitamin D might not be making it into the system at all.

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Is Whey Protein Dangerous?

A health-nut friend of mine told me the other day to stay away from Whey Protein at all costs.  He said there is a Federal law against the disposal of whey protein in landfills, waterways and sewer systems.  The only way you can legally dispose of whey protein, he told me, was to use it as an additive in our food supply.

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