End of the Copper Line

I am concerned about the abolishment of reliable, mechanical, communication when it comes to “plain old telephone service” — POTS — and the future of voice and data communication.

Hurricane Sandy has shoved forward the end of the copper telephone line.  Big communication companies have decided it is in their best interest to push people onto cellular networks instead of rebuilding what was lost:  Traditional “communication by wireline” that has been a staple of everyday communication in the USA for almost a hundred years.

The changing landscape has Verizon, AT&T and other phone companies itching to rid themselves of the cost of maintaining their vast copper-wire networks and instead offer wireless and fiber-optic lines like FiOS and U-verse, even though the new services often fail during a blackout.

“The vision I have is we are going into the copper plant areas and every place we have FiOS, we are going to kill the copper,” Lowell C. McAdam, Verizon’s chairman and chief executive, said last year. Robert W. Quinn Jr., AT&T’s senior vice president for federal regulatory issues, said the death of the old network was inevitable. “We’re scavenging for replacement parts to be able to fix the stuff when it breaks,” he said at an industry conference in Maryland last week. “That’s why it’s going to happen.”

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The Definitive Answer on VaultPress and WordPress Multisite Pricing

UPDATE – April 9, 2012:  The Boles Blogs Network is now back on WordPress.com.  We are keeping this article published in case it might help others in the future.

If you’re running your own WordPress Multisite installation, you know having a proper and secure backup plan is a must in today’s wretched world where bad people love to tear down good things instead of building them up from scratch. Backing up your WordPress files and database on a regular basis are not tough tasks, but they can become cumbersome and gruesome if your schedule overcomes you and if you then allow your self-serving security needs to become lackadaisical.

Enter VaultPress! VaultPress is built by Automattic to cleanly and invisibly secure your WordPress installations and VaultPress now supports WordPress Multisite. The catch is that pricing for WordPress Multisite VaultPress protection is confusing. Today, I have the proper answers for you in detail.

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The Black Eye iPhone

Imagine the following scenario: A pair of men walk into a police station. They have bruises all over, each has a black eye, and they are limping. They limp over to the front desk where a police officer is busy with paperwork.

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Ten Seventy-Six

The new lepers
the modern malingerers
are lingering data tails

Anticipatory GPS Behavior Models and NYC Taxi Data

GPS is a wonderful technology and the New York City Taxi and Limousine
have been requiring mandatory GPS devices in taxis to track yellow cab
migration and “hot spots” during various points in the day.  In the
example below, the red hotspots are the best places for hailing a cab at
11pm on a Saturday.

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at&t Exploits the Flock by Marking the Spot

If you have an iPhone, you know the new Verizon advertising push humiliating at&t for their lousy 3G coverage is well-earned and deserved. 
Yesterday, at&t released a fascinating app for the iPhone — Mark the Spot — that lets every iPhone user on their network precisely report problem network areas and spotting cellular coverage.  Thank you, Verizon, for pressing at&t into finally doing the right thing… even if it’s three years too late.

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Google Apps Calendar Corruption

There’s nothing more disappointing than the realization that a soft promise is not a hard fact and that eagerness does not equal integrity.  Such is the case of the ever-widening hardship that Google Apps are not ready for prime time success because there are too many innate technical blunders that instantly hamstring any promise of safe data in the cloud.  For the past three days I’ve been having horrible Google Apps Calendar misfires — yet checking the official Google Apps Status Dashboard this morning reveals no trouble with the Calendar — even though it isn’t working.

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