Luck Runs Out… of Beating Dead Horses

Luck was one of those sorry cable television series on HBO — from David Milch and Michael Mann — that looks good on paper, but in execution and airing, the drama and the ideals of the show failed.  Yesterday, HBO mercy killed Luck — but blame for the extermination was placed on the deaths of three horses who died during filming instead of the real reason:  The show had lousy ratings despite its mega-star power and HBO renewed it for a second season much too early.

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David Milch's Active Imagination

When former Yale Professor, former heroin addict, former alcoholic and Emmy winner writer/producer David Milch creates a script, he eschews period punctuation in scene directions. Milch prefers the double dash – for its employment suggests the infinite possibilities of a pause in the moment where great things can happen feverishly and invisibly off the page in the vacuum created by the indiscernible Em-dash. A period bespeaks a prosaic finality that the ephemeral creativity of David Milch cannot bear and even in a colloquial telephone interview the double dash is always there – pausing – waiting – jockeying just beyond the ether of a cross country conversation.

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