The Disabled Defense: Canes and Wheelchairs

I am a wide supporter of the disabled and devices that help them live better and easier lives. However, in the last few years, I’ve witnessed odd behavior on the streets, and in public gathering spaces, that sounds an alarm of concern. Some people in wheelchairs — actually, the person pushing the wheelchair, not the rider — and those who use canes, are beginning to use those facilitation devices as weapons!

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Twinkies in Twilight: End of the Hostess Cupcake Defense

Twinkies can kill you — as well as offering a defense against murder — and I was so pleased to learn this week that Hostess are filing for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11.

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Matt Damon Defends Teachers

Matt Damon recently stood up for teachers and the teaching profession.  He crushes the Peter Thiel method of thinking about education, as I described, on April 26, 2011:

Society is materialistic.  The university used to be a safe haven where ideas mattered and thoughts were given greater standing than finding ways to make more money.  Peter Thiel believes higher education is a bubble ready for the bursting — but you can only agree with Thiel’s thesis if you also believe students attend university to get a job.  I don’t happen to purchase his premise.  I believe students should attend university in order to learn what they do not know.

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Cyber Comm Will Lock You Down

United States Cyber Command is now in action — proactively protecting you by thwarting the ethereal outsider threats from terrorists, rogue actors, and other nations wishing to do us harm — but that lockdown protection travels two ways: In and out.  We know the in — but the out is you — and your local internet connectivity.

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Defending Reblogging

For a over month, some in the community have been raging on the new Reblog feature of the free hosting website. As a matter of full disclosure, all 14 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network are hosted right here on and, frankly, we don’t understand all the fuss over the new Reblogging feature.

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Living by the Knife: Cutting the Line on Killing

Sog MXV72 Mini X-Ray VisionYou, your spouse, and your young child are walking on an empty street at night.

You turn a corner.

A man stops you and points a gun at your spouse’s head.

His finger is squeezing the trigger.

You have this folding knife in your pocket.

The blade is less than three inches long; with one quick movement you have practiced before, you can pull the knife from your jacket pocket and flick the blade into performance with your thumb and embed it in his throat faster than he can finish pulling the trigger.

If you decide to pull the knife, the only option is to kill the man.

Threats and wounding will only result in the death of your spouse and child.

Do you pull the knife or not?

If yes, why? If not, why not?

Where do you cut the line on killing?

Does it begin and end with a life in the balance?

What if the same person with the gun had instead completely soaked your house in gasoline and was in the process of striking a match to engulf your home in flames?

Is that enough of a threat to health and home to claw the threat into red with that knife in your pocket?

If yes, why? If not, why not?

Farewell Old Foe: Forgone but Never Forgotten

Donald Rumsfeld is out as Secretary of Defense. His legacy for failure and bloodshed will rival Mengele, Franco and “Baby Doc” for the killing and suffering they alone wrought upon the people of this earth.

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