How to Write Stiff and Really Fake Dialogue

There’s nothing worse than listening to a performance filled with dialogue that does not ring true and does not feel and sound authentic.  The worse dialogue offenders in the history of drama are writers on television process shows like “CSI” and “House” and “Criminal Minds” where lots of technical dialogue is supposed to promote authenticity and professionalism to a scene when all that sort of preciousness really provides is ear boredom.

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Kate: Chapter 10

Okay, so this was going to be something different. Klaus normally wrote all of his poetry in the solitude of his apartment, in a specific place, in a certain chair, sometimes even in a particular position and with a particular drink – one could almost say that Klaus had things that he was rather particular about. Today, therefore, was an entirely different experience for him. Not only was he not in the normal place in his apartment, in his usual chair in the position he liked to sit in, and with his favorite drink, but he wasn’t in his apartment at all!

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