Trapped in the iPhone Bumper Hell

When I think of the word accessory and all that it entails, there are many related words that come to mind — optional, not necessary, not needed. The purpose of an accessory should not be to make something that would be otherwise useless into something that is usable. This unfortunately seems to be happening with the new Apple iPhone.

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Internet Interrupted

We have been attacked. You don’t know how to find your loved ones. You try to log on to the internet to send email. Your access is denied. The President of the United States has disconnected you in the name national security in the middle of a worldwide crisis. In your hour of need, you have been cut off from the web with no immediate expectation for getting back online.

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The Nigger Disconnect and the Obama Trope

Is Barack Obama a figurehead Chia Pet for commercial exploitation?  Or is he more substantial than heroin on the street? What is the Obama trope and how does it extend into our lives and flay us from the minority interest and the “Nigger Disconnect?”

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