Clinton as a Dubya Handi Wipe

We are all quite familiar with Dubya’s memorable moments in office as he flipped us off on camera — but there is a new firestorm afoot under the former president’s thumb — and it all has to do with how he used his new best friend Bill Clinton as a human Handi Wipe. 

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The FMyLife Review

I suppose one of the signs of rapid aging is the inability to find humor in the universal human negative.  First, we had the April Fool one day a year; now we have — aka FML — haunting us with schadenfreude every day.

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So Long Joe

It’s a sad day for Yankees fans as we are forced to realize it is the end of the Joe Torre era in the Bronx; lots of newspaper headlines shout the infamous New York City “Shove It!” rallying cry.

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Mets Fans Root for a Perpetual Loser

Well, the New York Mets have done it again: They made baseball history yesterday by creating the biggest, choking, collapse in the history of the game that left children weeping:

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Fenway Fans in Blonde Masks: The Power of a Semiotic Social Mob

Over the weekend there was a tremendous moral correction of a public figure offered in public — in jest — but its semiotic relevance is an earth-shattering expression of contempt for the facade of stardom and its perks of temptation. New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) — the highest paid player in baseball playing on the team with the highest player payroll in the biggest media market and currently stuck in last place in the American League East — was caught by photographers with a blonde stripper that was not his wife. Boston Red Sox fans — perennial rivals to the Yankees and currently in first place in the same division — jabbed A-Rod Friday in Fenway Park as he prepared to take the batter’s box:

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The Yankee Ingrate

There’s nothing quite as annoying as an ingrate. Add “surly” to the personality of the ingrate along with $43 million in salary over two years to win 34 games playing — not working — baseball and you have the nasty Randy Johnson.
Randy Johnson never fit into Yankee pinstripes. 

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The Fifty-Two Million Dollar Man

A clean-shaven and short-haired Johnny Damon finally gives the Yankees a strong arm in center field again and as well as a quick bat behind the plate.

Johnny Damon as a Yankee!

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