Bright Light Blinding the Dependent Eye

Two week ago, I went in for my yearly routine eye exam.  My regular doctor told me she wanted me to see the retina specialist because — the new treatment theory is that anyone who has a -6.0 or higher correction is at risk for a retinal tear and they want to find any trouble early and laser it to prevent more severe degradation in the future — and she wanted to get a baseline for me, even though she didn’t see anything that concerned her.

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TruEye Contact Lens Review

I consider myself a true contact lens aficionado.  I’ve been wearing contacts for over 30 years.  I go way back to the days of those irascible, eye-scratching “hard lenses” you had to “squint” out of your eye at night like a tiddledywink.  Cleaning them by plugging them into a wall socket for overnight sterilization was a hassle.  The later weekly cleaning regimen with little, dissolvable, pills was a nightmare to manage when you really couldn’t see anything without your contacts.

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