The Meaning of Eid Ma Clack Shaw

Music serves many purposes in life. It can sooth us, heal us, and sometimes just distract us or put us in a better mood by bringing us to think about situations in life with a different perspective. I have recently been listening to a musician named Bill Callahan and wanted to bring a song called “Eid Ma Clack Shaw” to your attention.

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The Nigger Disconnect and the Obama Trope

Is Barack Obama a figurehead Chia Pet for commercial exploitation?  Or is he more substantial than heroin on the street? What is the Obama trope and how does it extend into our lives and flay us from the minority interest and the “Nigger Disconnect?”

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Nightmares and Oversleeping

I love to sleep.

I do it every day.

When my head hits the pillow I’m asleep and five hours later I’m awake.

No problem.

The sleep trouble comes when I decide to sleep in an hour or two.

The nightmares start after hour five.

I am visited by ghosts from the past and awful memories that trigger a racing heart and night sweats.

I have no idea why this happens but I do my best not to oversleep because the terrors are real and terrific.