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Japan Gets Younger

Japan has a people problem.  An old people problem.  The elderly have gone missing.  Actually, the missing people are dead.  Japan has quickly become younger as their infamous “we live forever” meme has been shattered before their national eye.

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Three Thousand Sticks of Gum and Other Chewy Facts

I love to gnaw on a good piece of bubble gum.  I tend to hold a lot of tension in my jaw, and having something to keep my muscles moving tends to loosen up the chokehold on my grinding teeth.

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Twitter Going Toes Up

We love it when our prescience is proven right in the marketplace.  In March, we predicted the demise of Twitter, and today, we have growing evidence that Twitter will soon be going toes up.

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Faith in the Dying

The newspaper is dead.  It’s only a matter of moments before we start wiping up the blood and burning the bits of leftover pulp to ash.  We have absolutely zero sympathy for a medium that denied their own end and propagated the memes of the demise of their profitability.

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