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Blog Depression in Fourteen Million

Do blogs create democracy and foment The Citizen Journalist?

Or are all bloggers just begging the wind?

Here are some sobering numbers reported on The McLaughlin Group over the weekend:

  • 140,000 new blogs started each day
  • One blog is created every second
  • 14 million new blogs are started a year

Is there a point to blogging any longer or will the little people with the small — but important — voices be drowned out by the traditional Big Media sites who will suck all the bandwidth and chew up all the pertinent search returns?

Is the Golden Age of Blogging now dead?

Urban Bioterrorism Attack: You Pick the Living

This scenario is made up of two parts. Bioterrorism

Please write your answer for Part A before you answer Part B and when you comment, please break up your answer into Part A and Part B.


You are the head of a public health clinic in the urban core. An hour ago a toxic biological agent was seeded across the city by a low-flying crop-duster airplane.

The bio-agent is fast-acting and severely incapacitates in 90 minutes and kills in three hours. Everyone in the city is infected. Most are already dying in the streets as they choke to breathe in their mission to find help. 

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Dying Twice in a Lifetime

I heard a saying the other day that everyone dies two times.

You die the first time when you body dies.

You die the second time when the last person who remembers you dies.

Do you believe in two lifetimes or do you think we only die once?

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Jason Opsahl is Dead

I was sorry to learn from Rosie O’Donnell’s blog that Broadway actor/singer/dancer and all-around-great-guy Jason Opsahl is dead. She misses him and so do I. Jason died of a brain tumor called “anaplastic astrocytoma” on Oct. 25, 2002. He was 39.

Jason Opsahl Head Shot

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