Knowing Your Work Wins Your Wants

Too often we are forced to do work that only sustains us and does not win out wants.  How we combine the work into winning is the complex conundrum that fascinates few and frustrates many.

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Respecting Adjunct Faculty

We have lived lives of being unappreciated part-time faculty members and we support the American Association of University Professors and their want to bring adjunct faculty up to a higher level of respect and standing in universities:

48 percent of American faculty serve in part-time appointments, and
non-tenure-track positions of all types account for 68 percent of
faculty appointments. Year after year, the problem gets worse as more
and more faculty jobs are part time or non-tenure track. Faculty
holding these appointments are often poorly compensated–receiving low
wages and few, if any, fringe benefits. Without job security and
academic freedom protections, they are subject to administrative whim.
Students suffer when the majority of faculty are inadequately supported
by their institutions.

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