Hillary in the Moon

I subscribe to a cartoon syndicate, and every morning a bunch of great drawings land in my Inbox.  I have a few traditional cartoons, but most of the work that arrives is of political cartoons from across the world.  This morning, I was struck by this political cartoon from Kerry Waghorn, a real master combining the essence of a person with their mission on earth.  The image is Hillary Clinton’s face in the moon and three elephants sleeping on the ground below her.  One elephants longingly looks up at her.

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A Trio of Peaceful Pachyderms

by Nancy McDaniel

The first thing you notice about him is, of course, his immense size. But then you see his eyes: lovely, kind and liquid. His name is Jabulani, which is Zulu for “Happiness.” He is an adolescent male elephant, whom I met and fell in love with in Botswana.

An Elephant in My Former Life?
I have often said that I believe I either was an elephant in a former life or will be one in my next. I am hopelessly attracted to them. They are intelligent animals, with a strong and complex social and family structure. When left undisturbed, at their best they embody many of the characteristics I most admire in humans: loyalty, sensitivity and gentleness. I personally believe they have a sense of humor as well.

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