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Depression, Alzheimer's and Grieving

Clinical Depression is a horrible, nasty, bit that can ruin people and destroy families.  So many people are living in the gloom of depression without realizing they are so far into the depths that they cannot see there is a way out.

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Make Better Dialogue by Reading it Out Loud

In 1990, I attended a summer camp for children with talent in art — I applied to the writing division and was quite pleased to be accepted. It was a sort of validation that came with the knowledge that somebody that wasn’t extremely biased (my family) actually thought that my writing was better than average. I spent many hours writing and rewriting stories, short plays, monologues, character sketches, and just about any other form of fiction that you can imagine.

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Acting in Everyday Life

Many non-theatre students who take an acting class think two things:  It will be an easy class and acting is pretending to be something you are not.  They are always fearful to learn how  wrong they are on both counts.  The good students overcome their overweening to discover new niches of existence and broader planes of self discovery.

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All Drama is Conflict

One of the hardest things for any new Playwright to master is the notion of the requirement that — all drama is conflict — and that any scene between two people must be packed with conflict in order to move the plot forward.

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The Two Decade Virtual Touch

When we consider the depth of the internet, we often foment shallow thoughts of the world compressing time and space as we become more distant from each other.  We reach for tethers and tendrils and often come up with an empty grasp.

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Intent on the Internet: The Intellectual Divide Between Knowledge and Information

Over 50 years ago, C.P. Snow set the educational and cultural and political worlds afire as he argued in his ovaric book — “The Two Cultures” — that there was a growing divide between the Arts/Humanities and Science in explaining how the world worked and he warned us against the perils of getting caught in the crossfire of that ashen division.

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