The Canny and the Dead Canary

We live in perilous times. Those sworn to protect us, betray us. Those set apart to foment dissent are too frightened to stand against the tide for fear of drowning; and so all the rest of us are left to perish, withering in the plains, dissolving along the plattes — but never resuscitating in the pinnacles — and so we are forever, longingly, tripping into the pits of the Uncanny Valley.

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Forcing Troll Empathy with Civil Rights Captchas

If you manage, or publish, any sort of online community, you are fully aware of the Arrogant Comment Trolls, who come into your home and poop all over the furniture because they feel is their blessed right to tell you how to think and what to do and they love trying to cut you down in your own forum.

Finding ways to press empathy into those emotional anonymous trolls is an ongoing wonderment, and the Civil Rights Defenders website created a unique way to make venomous commenters reconsider their purpose in posting their vile bile on your website by creating the “Empathy Captcha:”

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How Reading Creates Empathy

We read to experience what we do not know.  We write to share what we think we understand.  Learning and sharing constructs leads to literacy and thus begins the formative memes of a shared, and cogent, morality.

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