Never to the Bitter End

When I was younger, if I started a project — any project — I finished it all costs to the bitter end.

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Is Steve Jobs Dying?

Is Apple’s Original Boy Genius, Steve Jobs, dying?  He looked purely awful and wan and bony during yesterday’s WWDC conference as he presented the new, and rather bland, iPhone 2.0.

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The Showtime Porno Video Awards

We know the end of humanity is upon us when the “Porno Video Awards” are given international cable television propagation on the Showtime network.

What is the purpose of giving light and air to the disgusting and degrading underbelly of humanity when real stars like Tracey Ullman deserve our rapt attention and devotion?

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Blaming the End User

If you are part of a business where you serve people or you build a product for people, do you believe the customer is always right? Or do you believe customers are often wrong and it is your job to let them know and roundly reprimand them?

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