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Qigong Q&A with Wen-Ching Wu

In my review of Qigong Empowerment, I analyzed the various Qigong (Chi-Kung) schools Master Shou-Yu Liang and Wen-Ching Wu reveal in order to help you attain your highest potential for controlling your role in the universe. The term “Qi” means energy while “gong” describes a methodology for attainment of the substance of the universe.

Qigong, as a single word, loosely means “energy management” and it is that process of identifying and then controlling your energy that holds the secret of a vibrating, lively life. Qigong has been around for thousands of years. Very few of us understand how to control and employ Qigong in our lives even though it flows through us, around us and about us every instant of our lives.

There are a few questions that remained with me after reading Qigong Empowerment that led me to propose the following questions to Wen-Ching Wu. I hope you’ll enjoy his answers as much as I enjoyed creating the inquiries.

BOLES: When I first practiced Fangsong Gong (Basic Relaxation Technique) on page 32 of Qigong Empowerment, a curious thing happened to me. My body became a shell and the essence of me was liquid and swimming around the shell of me and I was peering outside at the world through my ears, mouth and nostrils. I was in a floating, trance-like state and it took me a good half hour to “wake up” and “come out of the trance” by opening my eyes. What happened? I can repeat this experience at will, but do I want to? Am I messing up my Qi or am I discovering it and managing it? When I am in this trance-like state, what should I be thinking and doing? Right now, I’m just kind of floating around the world, which seems aimless and unimportant.
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