Rex Ryan is Finished as Coach of the New York Jets

Rex Ryan is the boisterous, flabby, manchild coach of the New York Jets football team, and he’s in trouble.  He isn’t in trouble for being loud-mouthed or a terrible coach — he’s clearly both of those things — rather, Rex is in trouble for prevaricating in public about the very public foot fetish he and his wife have shared on the internet.  You can have a buffoon for a head coach, but you can’t have a foot fetishist calling the plays from the sideline because everyone in the stadium will wonder if Rex Ryan smelled his wife’s feet before the game or not — and that kind of laughing condescension is bad for morale on a delicate, high-strung, team.

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The Buzzing Vuvuzela Debate

The 2010 World Cup is well under way and I am reminded of attending a game with my father in 1994. Sitting in a section of fans of the Italian team, we had a percussion instrument — I wish I could find its name but I have been unable to do so thusfar. It consisted of a couple of wooden mallets with cymbals on them that swung into a central mallet by shaking it. Plenty of people in the Italy section had them and we would yell and shake them hard, making a lot of noise.

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