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David Boles Blues

Different Versions of the Same Song

When a musician writes a song and plays the song with one instrumental configuration and then takes the same song and completely changes the instrumentation — adding numerous instruments or changing which ones are played — it is almost as though you are listening to a different song. Today I would like to show you the very same song — Too Much Time by John Vanderslice.

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United Stage

Melodrama is Not Right Drama

All good drama should convey the essence of the human condition and melodrama can never meet that mandate.  A righteous dramatic experience can be uplifting, serve as a warning against degraded morality, and every play must end with a proper catharsis

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Boles Blogs

The Essence of a Book

In yesterday’s article, Smelling of Pencils, the comments discussion turned — as it always does — away from the main core of the argument of the article and into another realm. We shared a brief discussion about books and that conversation led me back into wondering about books and publishing and what makes up the essence of a book: The Author, the Reader, the Publisher? The book itself? The process of it all? What is a book nowadays anyway? 

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