No Dice When it Comes to Elevator Etiquette

How we behave in empty spaces — and then how we behave in those same spaces when others join us — has always been a fascination of mine.  There’s an “Elevator Dice Theory” arguing that people fill up that confined space in a predictable pattern that models a die face.  One person stands in the center.  Two people take opposing corners.  Three people stand in a diagonal row, and so on.

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Fox News Asks Me to Call

As the publisher of 13 blogs in the Boles Blogs Network, I write a lot of articles and I get tons of requests from other press organizations for interviews.  I have learned to generally ignore any request that comes from a mainstream media outlet because they really just want you to do their background research for them — but without any reciprocal links back or appropriate recognition of the work you do for them.  Here’s an example of a request from Fox News that landed in my Inbox late Tuesday night with a story deadline of the next day.

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Do Mobile Phones Help or Hinder?

When I was growing up, people did not have mobile phones for the most part. It was something that occasionally was depicted in films — like the character of Sandy using his car phone in the film Stardust Memories. It never occurred to me that years later I would have a phone in my pocket that could not only make phone calls but also play games, let me write correspondance and so much more. Yet I wonder if in some ways, mobile phones aren’t also making things worse for us.

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