My Failed Daily Short Story Experiment Results

Robert Burns once wrote, “The best laid schemes of mice and men / Go often awry, / And leave us nothing but grief and pain, / For promised joy!” I thought of this stanza often during the course of this last month. Before the month started I had the idea that I would attempt to write one story every day, give or take. At the end of the month I found myself with one complete story and one partially completed stories and a lot of days during which I did not get any new writing done but I did edit one of the two stories.

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Amazon Online Reader Review

I love my Kindle book reader but I also, finally, took the plunge to discover the Amazon Online Reader.  If you haven’t used this online service from Amazon yet, you should “upgrade your eligible books” to include the Online Reader version — especially if you’re doing hard research — because you can search the entire book and set a bookmark and you own the book for the rest of your life online:

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