Eyes as the Sign of Life

We used to think breath was the sign of life — and while that may be true in real life — online, your life is found in your eyes.  I know you have no idea what I’m talking about, so go to — MP Change — and look at the lifelike image.  The eyes are alive and stalking you!

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Surveillance Art: Faces From the Sky

The slums of Kiberia, Kenya take on a special, enigmatic, glow when viewed from above.  The large face art is only visible on a grand scale in the surveilling, Panopticonic view:

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A Surgeon Cuts

Echezona Ezeanolue wrote this article.

One by one they walked in
Expecting me to cut the hand that fed me
As I wrestled with this in my mind
I prayed that I would be right
That the cancer had not spread
But limited to the breast tissue
As I made a mark around my surgery site
I wondered what a loss
My patient might feel
With the first flash of blood
I bit my lips

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You Look Smart: Bending Compliments for Political Gain

There are those alive in the world that seek to find personal insult in any utterance and a deep wounding in every gesture or glance.  Those brittle people only feel better in playing the system to punish those that they believe have punctured them.

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Optical Illusion

A friend sent this to me:

 Optical Illusion

Which way are the flowers moving?

How and why is the effect created and perceived?

Eye Advice

Here are some other interesting tidbits I learned about our eyes and eye care from my doctor visit this week that you might find helpful. I am not an eye doctor so none of this should be taken as a mandate or scientific fact: 

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