Who Owns Your Face? DMCA and Reflexive Allegory

You may not like your face, but it belongs to you. You have an inherent, living, right to use your face as your face. You don’t need a Copyright or a Trademark on your face. You only need to wear your face and own it — warts, wrinkles, warps, and all!

This is the story of my face being stolen — for use in a ridiculous Star Trek revenge meme — and the right ending of someone on the internet who stepped forward to not just be a help to me, but to become a new friend as well.

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Michigan State University Cuts Off Alumni Email to Spite Their University Brand

Sometimes you read things that make such utter nonsense that you wonder how a major institution like Michigan State University manages to remain open and competitive and viable in the modern world with such archaic, Old Worlde, and utterly wrong, notions:

Michigan State University has announced that it will stop providing full-service e-mail accounts to alumni who graduated more than two years ago, a cutback that will affect 117,000 people. Some of them are complaining, but officials say it is a necessary cost-cutting measure.

David Gift, vice provost for libraries and information-technology services, said that the policy had always been to discontinue full-service accounts two years after a student’s last class, but that the university simply had not enforced it. He doesn’t know of any other university that still offers full-service alumni accounts indefinitely; most terminate full e-mail accounts within a year after graduation, or turn them into forwarding accounts. The change will take effect on August 31.

Keeping all those alumni accounts running was costing Michigan State about $600,000 a year, said Mr. Gift. They amounted to about 45 percent of all university e-mail accounts. The money saved can be used to upgrade services for current students, he said.

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The War Mask and the Black Ops Civilian

On January 8, 2007, I wrote an article — Wearing Your Death Mask in Life — that concerned the masks we wear to protect us from who and what we’ve become:

We all wear masks. Once you’ve lived long enough, you begin to recognize and read people via the mask of their face before any words are spoken. There are few original masks in the world and once you’ve reacted and interacted with one face you quickly begin to learn all masks of that sort behave and express in the same way. What happens when the faces of the dead are resurrected into masks of the living?

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Bristol Palin Becomes Her Mother

Poor Bristol Palin.  She’s the keeper of her mother’s secrets.  She won Dancing with the Stars.  Now she’s morphing into her mother under the direction of a surgeon’s knife.  Can you believe the changes in her face?  She was once, bright, shining and full of hope, and now she’s been sliced and diced to mirror her mother.  What a sad circumstance for the formerly pregnant teen — now paid anti-pregnancy teen spokesmodel — who suckled over $262,000.00USD from the Candies foundation alone in 2009.

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Kathy Griffin's Racist Pussy Face

Kathy Griffin can be a talented comic, but lately, she’s a bit too full of herself as she tries to go mainstream from the D-List.  On the latest edition of her Bravo television show, she made a Racist and Bigoted and stereotypical remark and she was rightfully banned from the Apollo theatre for life because she refused to own her words.

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Jennifer Aniston's Slutty Nudie Layout

Jennifer Aniston has always had the same problem as Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Beard:  Great body, unfortunate face.  Now, as Aniston faces 40 — and as her face falls even further — she strips for GQ magazine to reveal her naught bits for profit and publicity. 

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The Real Face of War

This horrific image — a true Urban Semiotic — is making the rounds of the Internets today along with lots of breast-beating and self-immolation over the appropriateness of showing this child killed in a car-bomb explosion in Baquba, Iraq yesterday.  15 people were killed, including seven policemen.  Twenty others were wounded.

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