at&t 3G Quicksilver Modem Review

I’m not crazy about at&t as a cellular provider.  Their 3G network is awful and slow and shattered — but, I have an iPhone and I have a 3G data plan with at&t as well — so I’m stuck with the service in deulling, two-year, pops. 
I used to own the Option GT Ultra Express 3G modem on the at&t network, but my new MacBook does not have a 3/4 Express slot; I needed to upgrade to a USB modem for 3G connectivity.  I decided to get the new Quicksilver 3G USB 2.0 modem from at&t.

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FastMail, with its 2gig IMAP mailbox on the paid Enhanced account is what Gmail should be and what Yahoo! and Hotmail wish to be: Fast, fat and full of messages!
FastMail offers free accounts and tiered paid accounts but I bought the “Enhanced” $40 a year plan and here’s why:

    2 GB storage space
    1 GB bandwidth per month
    250 MB file space (your own web site)
    IMAP/POP/Web access (IMAP includes clustered folders!)
    SSL SMTP for sending email
    Mail forwarding
    Virus checker; Advanced spam filter
    5 Aliases
    Host your own domain

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