The Mike Eldred Trio 61 and 49 Review

I have great respect for people who put their talent behind their talk for public scrutiny.  Mike Eldred is one of those people and I have great affection and admiration for him even though I’ve never met him.  Mike Eldred — the fine fellow in the middle of the album shot for “The Mike Eldred Trio” seen below — is better known to most of us guitar fanatics as the head honcho in the Fender Custom Shop.  Mike is online in the Fender Forum and he interacts with ordinary end users every single day.

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The Ibanez Artcore AG75 Review

Spending $3,000.00USD on a guitar — like the Eric Clapton Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster — can bankrupt a family when somebody just wants to start making music, so I set out to find the best electric guitar that cost 10 times less than the Clapton Custom.  I happened upon the Ibanez Artcore AG75 — the best guitar for the money at $300.00USD — and I invite you to find out why.

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