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The Fender Swag Review

When you write a lot of blogs on a variety of topics, there are few real surprises left in life because you’ve read and written and dreamt it all.  However, after I wrote my Fender and Gibson branded clothing review, I was genuinely surprised to receive an email from Fender thanking me for my review. I paid for all the Fender and Gibson clothes in my original review and I did not contact Fender or Gibson to let them know my review was published.  Fender found me.  Gibson did not.

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Fender Versus Gibson: Branded Clothing

We know Fender and Gibson make outstanding guitars — but when you’re spending Big Money on buying electric axes — you also want to demonstrate your loyalty beyond the amp and in the street.  You aren’t showing off, you’re merely expressing your implied, private, branding in public.  This review will focus on the clothing branding of both powerhouse companies and we’ll start with Gibson.

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Buying the GE Smith Telecaster on eBay

When you start buying electric guitars, the habit can become compulsive and joy lifting.  The trick, to me anyway, is to only add a new guitar to your collection that has some useful uniqueness and hopeful provenance.  I’m not interested in ever re-selling my guitars, but I am always interested in the providential find online.  Last week, for some reason, I was drawn to eBay — I haven’t bought or sold anything online there in over seven years — and I did a quick search on “GE Smith Telecaster“, because I fell in love with the sound of that chunk of wood and wires on YouTube, and I found one for sale at a great price in a hard-to-find black color.  In this promotional shot, Black isn’t even shown and, on the Fender website and in the promotional video for his Telecaster, GE Smith “hopes” one day it will be available in Black:

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