The Western Digital My Cloud Review, 4 TB Edition

I’ve purchased a lot of external storage devices over the last 30 years, and the one brand I keep turning back to for future purchases is Western Digital. I’ve had rotten experiences with LaCie and Iomega in the past and, to date, I have yet to experience any sort of hardware failure — or glitch, or even momentary pause — with a Western Digital drive, and I’m hard on my storage devices.  In fact, I’ve never NOT had a LaCie drive either be dead-on-arrive or die within two weeks of setting up the device. I run my HDDs 24/7/365 and I not only expect them to work, but to thrive in all hostile environments.

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Ongoing Evidence of Google Drive

The technosphere is all atwitter over growing evidence that Google Drive — aka “G-Drive” — is about to be released as a standalone product.  I am a daily user of Google Docs and Google Drive is rumored to become a part of Google Docs or even replace that functionality.  Now, I’ll give you the breadcrumb clues I’ve been collecting that Google Drive is really, basically, functionally, already here.  We’re just waiting on the official re-branding.

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