Strike Two for First Alert

by John Gallant

David Boles,

I read your article “First Alert Cries Wolf” on the Internet about the CO detectors made by First Alert. What prompted me to your story was a show called W5 from CTV here in Canada. They were testing ionizer smoke detectors with a smoldering couch. ALL alarms FAILED!! They did not go off till 17 or 18 minutes after the smoke from the couch had reached the ceiling were the units were mounted. They to called First Alert for comments and they refused any kind of interview.

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First Alert Cries Wolf

I always find it fascinating how Go Inside Magazine articles can hunt you down and beg to be written any time everywhere – even while you’re away on assignment! My most recent “drop everything and write this” article was sparked by an experience with First Alert. First Alert made their bones in the smoke detector field and now they’ve expanded their product line to include Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms.

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