The Genius Cutthroat Thuggery of Apple Fitness+

When Apple announced their new total workout app — Apple Fitness+ — I was stunned at the sheer audacity and cutthroat thuggery of the move, and I was never more proud to be a dedicated Apple fanatic and loyal Apple Watch owner. Apple isn’t aiming for Peloton with this subscription App release. No, Apple is aiming to kill off the Nike Training Club, Centr, FitBod, Sworkit, Strava, Adidas Training — and all other exercise and fitness Apps — and, perhaps, even one day, MyFitnessPal. Yes, Apple is going to knock out the small fry competition with their big, giant, footprint, and they’re doing it because there’s gold in them thar fields: One Workout App to Unite Them All!

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Chris Hemsworth Betrays His Gender

Chris Hemsworth is a big movie star. He just finished up a blurp as Thor in the Avengers movie serials, and he’s currently the lead in the latest disappointing Men In Black installment. Chris Hemsworth also has a new workout/lifestyle App that I have supported since day one as a yearly subscribing “founding member” and I have been generally pleased with the Centr App that bears Chris Hemsworth’s name and likeness — though he really doesn’t appear to be involved, at all, in the day-to-day running of the App; but the App is filled with Chris’ people, his trainer, his food guy, his movie body double, and so if the Hemsworth name sells the App, the Hemsworth name accepts all challengers to the fitness of the fairness of the programs.

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Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body? Not in the United States!

My mother used to regularly remind me as a child that it was “A healthy mind in a healthy body” as poet and satirist Juvenal is purported to have written — and for this reason encouraged me to not only keep up with my studies but to also participate in activities of the physical fitness variety. When I was at The Peddie School from 1993 to 1996, we were required to take courses in physical fitness or to participate in one of their competitive teams.

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Fitness and Health Rankings by City

I love it when cities are shamed for the bad behavior and poor performance of their citizenry, and now we have empirical evidence of the fitness index of some of our major residential areas.  Out of the top 50 urban cores, the New York City metro area placed 30th.  Not so great.

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The Innocent Intended: Violating Your Email Address

Every single day someone somewhere is violating your email privacy.  The violators might not even intend on penetrating your cone of silence, but their carelessness can lead to no other end than virtually bleeding you out.  You might think your email address is secure, but if someone has access to your private information and then includes those personal markers in a misdirected email intended for you, but sent to someone else — any sense of security you have worked to protect is inherently broken.

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Wai Lana Yoga Hello Fitness

In my review of Wai Lana’s Easy Yoga Workout, I shared with you my experiences as an avid exerciser who, it turns out, has little to no flexibility in the back and hamstrings. The Hello Fitness series of videos improves upon the Easy series by inspiring new heights of emotion and accomplishment.

Yoga has been on the earth for more than 5,000 years. Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a way of unifying your body with the spirit around you through movement and meditation. Wai Lana helps you realize yourself by slowing and methodically taking you through each asana (Yoga posture) for maximum benefit. Born in Hong Kong, Wai Lana has been spreading the beauty of Yoga throughout the world for over 15 years. You may have seen one of her 200 episodes of Wai Lana Yoga on your local PBS television station.

Review Lights
I will rate each Wai Lana Yoga Hello Fitness video individually with our standard system of one to five Go Inside Magazine Review Lights. Five green GO lights are best while all red STOP lights are the worst. The results and comments I share along the way should not be taken as a guarantee of product or a promise of performance. Before starting any new exercise regimen, consult with your doctor first to review your potential for working with any Yoga program. I’ll also place a text tag under the Review Lights so you’ll know the colors of the lights in case you choose to print out this review on a black and white printer.

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