Pilates Flex-Bands

I had never heard of a Flex-Band workout before. I knew there were resistance workouts with tubular rubber and giant rubber bands, but Flex-Bands are not like that at all. Flex-Bands are long, thin and wide: They wrap around your body like a shallow shawl and you use them as forms of resistance as you exercise your legs, back and arms.

The Flex-Band video is not Closed Captioned.

Review Lights
I will rate the Flex-Band video with our standard system of one to five Go Inside Magazine Review Lights. Five green GO lights are best while all red STOP lights are the worst. The results and comments I share along the way should not be taken as a guarantee of product or a promise of performance and before starting any new exercise regimen, consult with your doctor first to review your potential for working with the Pilates program. I’ll also place a text tag under the Review Lights so you’ll know the colors of the lights in case you choose to print out this review on a black and white printer.

Flex-Band Workout Video with Green & Blue Flex-Bands: $27.95
Flex-Band Regular (Green) = $4.00
Flex-Band Extra Strength (Blue) = $5.00

The Flex-Bands are a lot of fun to hold in your hand and their resistance is measured in thickness though they are awfully short. The blue band provides more tension than the green because it is thicker. You can vary the tension on each Flex-band by gripping further away from the ends of the band. I wondered how something so thin could provide so much resistance. I wondered if uncut toenails would pierce the thin rubber and decided to trim mine just to make certain no evil points would ruin my day. Don’t wear socks when you use the Flex-Bands. It’s important you feel the rubber pulling on the balls and the heels of your feet. Bare feet help you control the bands better than a socked foot can. Not all Flex-Bands are created equal! Beware that you buy the best bands specifically created for aerobic workouts.

(three GREEN, two RED)
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