Censorship of a Young Food Blogger

When children are in school they have many hours of learning to do and since one of the foundations of being able to learn well is being properly nourished, you would think that schools would go out of their way to make sure that the brain food they feed to their students would be nothing but goodness. We know, unfortunately, that the brave battles being fought by such heroes as Jamie Oliver that this is not the case.

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Food for Bombs in North Korea

When I was in school, I read about a popular program that involved trading guns for various things that were considerably more helpful to society and less dangerous to it as well. There were trades of guns for food and guns for toys — the programs were meant to get guns off of the streets and to benefit the hopefully former gun holders. I feared that the same people may have just gone out and illegally acquired more guns so that they could get more toys and food but that was just me.

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After the Domino Effect: Hunger is the Residue of Peace

I am fascinated with the unravelling of fascist strong-arm regimes in the Middle East.  It will only be a matter of time before the Domino Effect levels all the bullies and the people can speak for themselves and rule their own lives.

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Home Gardening Threatened by Senate Bill

A troublesome bill has recently passed through the Senate and it could mean the end of legal home farming the way I love and remember it. Gone could be the herbs growing on window sills and the police may be breaking down garage doors to find small plots of tomatoes growing. How could such a thing come to be?

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Waste Not, Want Nawt

I was sitting in a newly opened Italian restaurant earlier today with my friend Elizabeth when I saw something that really shocked me – I’m not referring to the prices, either. (I have gotten used to kosher restaurants costing a little more than non-kosher restaurants at this point in my life.)

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Taste Bud Chemistry

Our tongues are being taken over by chemicals to invoke, for false profit, the taste and the memory of foods that no longer exist.  This fooling of the taste buds — this mocking of experience with lies — provides us a context that crumbles in ignition and a present that only mirrors the past instead of finding reflexively inspired knowing.

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