Forcing Early Retirement: 62 and You Are Out the Door!

Here’s a current scenario that is happening all too often to way too many of my friends and family and hundreds of thousands of strangers across our great Homeland.

You are a loyal and longtime worker.  You’ve been with the company for over 20 years.  You’re called into the office a year before your 62nd birthday and told you have two Hobson’s Choices:  “Sign this paper saying you will retire the day you turn 62 or get fired today and lose your health insurance and go on unemployment.  The decision is all yours!”  Of course, these “new firees” are terrified and stunned and only hear, “You’re fat and ugly and stupid and smelly and we’re through with you, now get out!”

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Fake Reactions at The Colbert Report

I attended a taping of The Colbert Report recently and had an excellent time. There was one aspect of the experience that bothered me just a little and I felt that I needed to report about it here. You may be wondering what could have possibly gone wrong in an experience where I got completely free tickets to see one of the funniest political comedians do his show in front of an audience of maybe one hundred people, if that. It was nothing to do with the show itself but rather something that happened during the the preparation time before the show that set me off.

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