The United States as World Cop

by Luis Vega

It is understandable why the United States situates itself in the position of world police or sometimes vicious big brother only doing things in the best interest of someplace else. To a certain extent this is all clear but is what is not so clear is why the United States feels it should put itself in one place and not the other.

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Countries as Puppets

by Luis Vega

Many countries are often puppets of the United States and do things to maintain import, and export agreements and a constant flow of capital into their impoverished countries. Contemporary leaders who have gone against the grain in maintaining close ties with the United States have often been ridiculed and subjected to harsh repercussion by the United States. The best example is Fidel Castro, president of Cuba, who has survived over 600 assassination attempts, 10 United States presidents, and a trade embargo that halts the economic progression needed to help lift Cuba out of poverty. So the question is, is Fidel Castro the man that should be feared and treated the way that he is by the United States?

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