The Greening of an American Revolution

SuperGenius writer Tom Friedman has a new book published today:  “Hot, Flat and Crowded” — and it is a fantastic view into the future of the world and he explains how the USA needs to reposition its thinking and priorities in order to maintain a leadership role or risk getting left behind by rising powers like China and India. 

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Tapping Out of Iraq

Only 9% of the American people in a new AP/IPSOS poll released today believe we will find success in Iraq and that matches the same gloomy percentage of Americans who believed, over 30 years ago, that the Vietnam war was winnable.


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Stakes Not Performance; Principles Not Practice

Some claim we are in the midst of an Imperial Presidency in the United States where entitlement, privilege, birthright and non-accountability for actions creates a royal purview that leads to a “no discussion” and “What I say goes” attitude in the office that was built to lead us all. There are some that claim the Bush family see themselves as landed American Royalty where the right to rule us is an innate and inborn power that must, and shall, continue for generations to come.

The Royal Family

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