The David Boles Blogs Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review!

I’ve never been much of a smoker or a drinker, but after a good friend gifted me with a $200 bottle of 18-year-old — The Macallan — scotch whisky, I began to rethink my posture in life when it came to becoming fine associates with some of the best single malt scotch whisky alive today. There’s a history and a culture in sharing a dram — you touch the ancient world with each swallow back in time and here’s my yeoman’s review of six single malt scotches — and please realize I have no established palate or trained knowing about anything whisky. Enjoy my amateur responses and then, ever-so-gently, correct me — and set me right in the comments stream below — if you so feel the need.

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Three Strikes and You’re Out as a Bad Parent

There are three pernicious events that have been reported on the news this Summer that convinces me that the “entitlement generation” have now moved into the misnomer realm of parenting.

No rules apply to them or their children!  They do as they please when they please!  Their wish is our every command!

Here are the Top Three indicators — from this Summer alone! — that you might just be a Bad Parent… and if you happen to tumble into all three… then please give up on your lack of parenting skills and turn your kids over to someone who more rightly knows how to care for them within the terms and conditions of the rest of us.

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How Sugar Fattens Your Liver Just Like Alcohol

Robert Lustig, M.D. is a terrific and insightful doctor who knows, and who has quantitatively proven, what the rest of us refuse to confess:  Sugar is killing us by fattening our livers from the inside.  We all know alcohol is bad for our bodies, and since alcohol is sugar, Dr. Lustig argues in his new book — “Fat Chance” — that the regular sugar we eat in our food can adversely affect our livers because of metabolic disease, just as if we were boozing it up all day long.

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Portuguese Food is a Mediterranean Diet

One of the unexpected advantages of my move to Portugal is the change in my everyday diet and the results on my health and my weight.  Portugal is a low density population country, which means that its people can in most areas be fed by local foods and crops. Very few food miles – YEAH!

There are very few processed foods and very few frozen foods available where I am and almost everyone makes their food from scratch using fresh ingredients.  The nearest thing we have to a takeaway is a shop that sells freshly grilled chicken and a home cooked pizza shop where fresh pizzas are cooked on the premises.

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How Not to Eat a Mango

Fifteen years ago, in the middle of Avenue B in New York City’s Alphabet City, I learned how to eat a mango.  It wasn’t on purpose.  Learning how to eat a mango was all happenstance and luck.  

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Fresh Fruit Salad

by Joyce Kohl

Fresh Fruit Salad Source: Go Inside™
This is especially good on a hot summer day!
Servings: Ingredients:
Makes enough for 6 to 8 servings

Add any fruit you like

or whatever is in season

Add tiny marshmallows

Chopped pecans are good, too!

1 fresh pineapple

2 oranges, peeled and sliced

2 bananas, peeled and sliced

1 cup strawberries, halved

1 cup seedless green grapes

  1. Cut pineapple in half lengthwise through the crown. Remove the fruit with a curved knife, leaving the shells intact. Trim off core and cut the fruit into chunks.
  1. In a large bowl, combine all the fruit. Spoon into the pineapple shells.
  1. Serve plain, or put dollops of whipped cream on top. Yogurt may also be used.