Chasing Down Time: Ten Sentence Story #115

Thomas had a colossal problem, which was that he had no idea why he was always running out of time to do all of the important things that he wanted to do in life.

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When Does Graphic Violence Become too Real?

I was wandering around YouTube the other day, when the service recommended this video — X-Men Origins: Wolverine — as something that should interest me based on my previous watch patterns.  I was surprised YouTube wanted me to view a trailer for a video game, because I really only watch Blues videos.  When the Wolverine clip began playing, I was immediately incensed by disgust and fury because of the blatant blood and gory exploitation:

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Favorites of 2009

The year was an interesting one, to say the least. It saw me relocating to a more permanent place of dwelling — my futon surfing days are over. It also saw me finding new interests in the music field, including a re-ignition for my passion for vinyl.

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The Fish Wrangler Review

For the past few months, I have been playing a game on Facebook called Fish Wrangler. What is most interesting about the my fascination with the game right from the opening is that it is about fishing — something that, in real life, does not interest me at all.

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Portable Wars

From when I was little to the present there has always been a desire to
find some way to pass the time while traveling. One of the earliest
solutions was one which is still viable – books. The chief problem with
books, however, is that they lack a sort of interactive element and for me I
could only read so much at a time as a child. The first time I played Donkey
Kong on a pocket-sized Game ‘n’ Watch system, I knew I had found something
special. Things have only improved for the world of portable gaming since

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Taiko/ Donkey Kong Drum Therapy

It was a few months ago that I was introduced to the video game known as Taiko: Drum Master. (This name is translated from the original Japanese title, “Taiko no Tatsujin.”) I was immediately intrigued and connected it in my mind to Dance Dance Revolution, another excellent Japanese video game import. It has since made quite an impression on me – such that I now own one version of the game, and this semi-review of it is considerably later than I was anticipating it to be. Then, just today, I happened to purchase Donkey Kong Jungle Beat: a side scrolling action video game played exclusively with special a bongo controller.

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Neopets Anonymous

My name is Gordon Davidescu, and I am a frequent user of the Web site known as Neopets. I am twenty-seven years old, and I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan – though I’m going to be moving to the West Side of Seattle at the end of next month. (A crowd of similarly aged people reacts by saying, together, “Hello, Gordon!”)

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