Thirty Billion Dollar Buffett Buffet

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, announced over the weekend he was giving Bill Gates’ foundation $31 billion dollars, thus creating a charitable buffet like no other in history.
With $61 billion dollars in the till, the Gates Foundation will be able to do even more good in the fight to cure health and humanity issues the world over by creating a deeper dedication to healing the immense suffering in the urban human core and in bringing hope and satiety to smaller rural communities in Africa and Asia. 

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Bill Gates Buys a Life

I am a Bill Gates fan. I think he is prescient. He is valuable. He blazes a bright path in the dark where others fear to tread.
He’s also smart enough to know nothing lasts forever — except for infamy and shame — and his decision to leave Microsoft on his own terms and on his own timetable demonstrates he knows how to do the right thing even if it may bring him personal heartbreak of purpose and insecurity of mind. 

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Central Park Saffron Gates

The unveiling of the ugly “draperies gates” in New York City’s Central Park was the epitome of what I call “Pretentious City Pretend Art.”

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