Chaim Witz Can't Hide the Hook

Chaim Witz — aka Gene Simmons of KISS — made his television debut on The Mike Douglas Show in 1974.  Gene was 25 years-old, thin and silly and sort of playing a vampire bat role.  The audience had no idea how to react to Gene’s want to eat them.  Was he real?  Or was he playing them?

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Meat-Adaptive Gene Outlives the Apes

We are known for our monkey love and for our Lucy love; but yesterday the University of Southern California Davis School of Gerontology revealed the reason we are able to outlive our ape relatives:  We have a meat-adaptive gene and they do not.

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Breeding the Mutant Gene

Gene therapy has taken a new turn as “hybrid” gene “mutations” are purposefully being sought out in science labs across the world.

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Rigging the Ruthless Gene

Nature reports this week there is confirmation of — A Ruthless Geneproving our previously argued theory of a guilty ovum and a bad seed is, indeed, true.

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