Ord, Nebraska and the 1940 Census Online

If you haven’t visited the National Archives online yet and subsequently clicked-through their fascinating “1940 Census” project — then you need to make some space in your day for that feral education of human proclamation in an agrarian society.  The 1940 Census project was so popular when it debuted last week, the servers repeatedly crashed.  You should be able to get on that site and do some searching now, though.  I decided to peel back a now-living history to Ord, Nebraska to see if I could find some of my ancestors alive in that historic marking and recording of prairie lives.

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Incognito Queen

by Joyce Kohl

They bowed and bended their knees to her, proclaiming her to be the Queen of Scotland. With tears rolling down their cheeks, they assured her the royal crown was safely hidden and when the revolt was ended, she must be ready to take the throne.

When a story is handed down for generations and believed to have a historical basis, but no proof exists, it becomes a legend. The original source for this story came from a journal written by the great-great grandson of the subject of this article. Because of its possible connection to royalty, all the descendants keeping and researching family records have entered this into their own published genealogical records. Whether it’s truth or the imagination of a young man as he listened to stories at the knees of his grandmother, the story he told his descendants is still being related generation to generation.

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