Pull Up a Chair, Girlfriend

by Louise O’Brien

As I, and the rest of the calendar-abiding world, begin a new year I have established some male prototypes and warning signs with which to spot them that should be applicable to everyone’s life. They should be – but truthfully they are gleaned from a year of pain, shame, betrayal, heartbreak and comic displays of dramatic, emotional turmoil that only a breakup can provide an individual with. Therefore, they are intrinsically personal and probably only applicable to other similarly disturbing matters of the heart. But I came to the conclusion, with some help from a friend, that “on every street in this world there is a woman going through what you are going through right now.” So I could be doing some good here. Mostly this will probably turn out to be therapeutic and self-serving. Oh well, you’ll get over it. Pull up a chair, girlfriend and let me tell you what I know.

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