Making Resolutions Stick

Every year around December, millions upon millions of resolutions are made for the following fiscal new year. Weight will be lost, inches will be taken off the waist line, eating habits will improve, smoking (or other drug habits) will cease, gym membership will be taken advantage of, and at least fifty books will be read. Many goals are set that, when the second of January comes around, are already lost and the resoutions are given up. There is always next year, the resolution makers resolve. They somehow manage to keep that resolution.

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Things Left Unfinished

As Rosh Hashana draws near, literally hours away, and I have yet to finish this article, it occurred to me that there are many things that I have to finish, things which I began or planned to begin which never have come to fruition due to time constraints or, more likely, my own personal disorganization. Here are but a few of them.

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