Retreating into Turner Classic Movies

When the Kardashians are just too much to take one second longer, and when and People magazine are overwhelming in their overweening, I have found a calm oasis for escape where morality reigns and outstanding movie making takes center stage.  I’m talking about — Turner Classic Movies — and their new iPad App is a wonderful guide for disappearing into the past.

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Chasing After a Cab: Ten Sentence Story #141

Joseph saw the wallet fall out of the man’s pocket just as he got into the taxicab, but by the time he ran up to the cab, the man and the cab were gone — his screaming went for naught, presumably viewed by the man and the cab as a ploy to get the cab for himself.

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The Nigger Lover

I have resisted posting about this topic because I didn’t want to encourage even more hate on the web, but now that some time has passed and more protections have been set in place, I am prepared to tell you on January 16, 2006 — Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in America — something awful happened here. 

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Tearing Down Beauty and Goodness

What is it about the beast of human nature that requires many to tear down the beautiful and the good?

I believe the answer is it is easier to tear down beautiful things than to build them. Building beauty takes dedication, purpose and the help of others, while tearing down takes the trifling effort of a single person.

I believe it is more convenient to be bad than good. Being good requires caring about things beyond yourself, to volunteer your spirit for possible exploitation and to beg the same commitment from others who may not share your value system. One person with a singular bad intent can tear down empires.