How Find My iPhone Works from Afar

Janna is currently in Iowa visiting her mother.  I miss her heaps, and I am happy to help whenever the call for assistance arrives from the Midwest into my Google Voice Inbox via SMS.  Janna has her iPad with her and her creaky, water-soaked-and-barely-usable, iPhone 3G.  Her 3GS was stolen.  We skipped the iPhone 4 in indignant principle.  We will move up the iPhone 4S or 5 or whatever it will be when it is announced.

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Anticipatory GPS Behavior Models and NYC Taxi Data

GPS is a wonderful technology and the New York City Taxi and Limousine
have been requiring mandatory GPS devices in taxis to track yellow cab
migration and “hot spots” during various points in the day.  In the
example below, the red hotspots are the best places for hailing a cab at
11pm on a Saturday.

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Tracked in Wisconsin

A court in Wisconsin upheld the legal right of police attaching a GPS device to a vehicle without a warrant and without needing to alert the person being tracked.

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Surveillance is Good for You

Jamie Grace wrote this article.

Police in the UK increasingly use new monitoring and tracking technology to capture burglars and ‘home invaders,’ as well as car thieves. Suburban houses in high-crime hotspots are turned into Panopticonic dens with enough camera equipment inside them to identify an offender wherever they move within a building.

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Is Steve Jobs Dying?

Is Apple’s Original Boy Genius, Steve Jobs, dying?  He looked purely awful and wan and bony during yesterday’s WWDC conference as he presented the new, and rather bland, iPhone 2.0.

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