Testing the Punisher

The best way to make your way through a four-year university system is to take every single Summer Session course you can.  You speed through the work.  The instructors are much more malleable and welcoming.  You are able to learn at a much quicker pace over a three-week session instead of a 15-week semester.  However, there was one summer class I took at a local Midwestern, land-grant university that I will never forget because it was so awful and because I was so clearly, but unwittingly, branded by the instructor, as a Student Who Could Do No Right.  That instructor was wrong, but he was the unrighteous one wielding a grading curve like a cudgel.

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Universal Pass or No Pass

We support the idea of dropping letter grades at the university level and implementing a universal grading system of “Pass” and “No Pass.”

Letter grades have become meaningless and students are terrified of getting anything less than an “A” on any project.

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