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Grammar Man Returns

Just when you thought it was safe to make grammatical errors again, Grammar Man has come back with a vengeance. This time, he’s not going to overlook even the smallest infraction. Well it’s possible he might but only if he’s in a good mood. Don’t think this is your cue to start making major errors, however. We’re still watching you to make sure you don’t start sentences with ‘anymore’ or asking if we know what you mean. We have prepared more examples of corrections that need to be made.

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The Grammar Police: Ending with At

When you speak, do you ever end a sentence with “at” — and I don’t meant the “@” sign, either! Here are some examples:

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Keyboard Vomit: Gross Grammar and Sicker Spelling

You do think grammar and spelling are important? Do you believe your words define you and frame your intelligence? If you agree, how then do you explain the steep decline in definition and brightness in written exchanges via electronic communication?

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Grammar Man

Curiously enough, I have found that since moving to Seattle I have heard far fewer people ending every other sentence with the rhetorical question, “know what I mean?” or its more irritating abbreviated form, “knamea?”. On the other hand, there have been a number of grammatical curiosities that I have noticed here. As well as these, there are some frequent errors I have noticed since my first article on this topic.

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I Know What You Mean

Yes, really, I do know what you mean. So this process where every sentence you utter, or every other sentence, is punctuated by asking me if I know what you mean gets to be extremely aggravating, especially since you never allow me the opportunity to answer your question.

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What's in an Accent?

by María L. Trigos-Gilbert

A blank paper freaks a writer’s hands and eyes. This month the blankness of my screen has caused me to rethink time after time the content of my article. This time I want to chat with you about something that’s itching me. You may think, “María, and what’s that?” Okay, let me talk to you about it. Actually, let me share a secret with you, but just between us. I’m Latin. Thus my native language is Spanish. It shouldn’t strike you since most Latin Americans speak Spanish. Of course, if you study my family tree, you may find out that I’m part Latin and part Spaniard. I’m the product of a Venezuelan mother and a Spaniard father. By the way, allow me to use the word “proud.” You got it. I’m mighty proud to be a Latin Spaniard, an American Spaniard. Now, let’s start the business of this article, and that’s grammar vs. message. Let’s go to the next paragraph to have these sentences a little more evenly divided. Shall we? Follow me.

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Wnba: We Got Next? — Get Some English First!

As I watched the NBA semi-finals play out, I was amused, and then horrified at the commercials for the new Wnba or – in other words – The WOMEN’S National Basketball Association. Allow me a moment to vent my view before I get to the meaty core of the horror: In the spirit of the LPGA and Women’s Tennis, basketball will now rock with segregated competition where “separate” does not yet mean or intend to be “equal.” What’s next? The Wnfl and Wmlb? C’mon! If the sexes are truly equal – then don’t segregate women into a lesser league because they “can’t compete” or aren’t allowed to play with the “big boys.” Isn’t it our responsibility as role models (and we all are in everything we do no matter what Charles Barkley tries to tell us) to show that the sexes can get along in life AND on the basketball court? I don’t buy it that women aren’t good enough to play in the “men’s league” and I don’t think they should be stuck in a lesser league of their own, either.

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