Yes, I am Filling Up on Bread at the Bryant Park Grill

On Thursday, Janna and I shared a lovely lunch at the Bryant Park Grill.  I, of course, filled up on bread and made no apologies.  The parsnip soup starter was delicious.  The Vegan Organic entree was truly awful.  If you’re going to offer a Vegan choice on the menu, you need to provide massive chunks of lots and lots of hearty root vegetables, not a chiffonade of greens with a sprinkling of quinoa and a few, limp, tiny pieces of eggplant; and you certainly don’t put the main dish star — the portobello mushroom — in a side cup chopped up like a disrespected, diced, carrot!

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The Wal-Mart Radio Grill

by Sergio Vinocur

Does Wal-Mart really care about the community? Isn’t Wal-Mart even the least bit concerned about correcting Priority Violations? Where do the complaint forms and ‘letters to the President’ end up? I used to be a loyal Wal-Mart customer, until 2 weeks ago. Please read the following email I sent to the President.

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